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Quick Ship Product Configurators

Our Quick Ship Product Configurators are the place to start for new product selection. The offer step-by-step simplicity in choosing and accessorizing IAC Quick Ship products. Watch your products build in real time as you make your selections, and when you are finished we'll send you the completed drawing, parts list and pricing via email. It's as quick, easy, informative and convenient as it gets. Go ahead and give a try. Your submission of a Quick Ship Product Configurator design is not an obligation to buy, but it will sure help you make a decision!

Making the most of our Quick Ship Product Configurators

Simply follow the steps below and begin building your IAC Workbench(es).

  1. Click any of the product thumbnails to see an enlarged image.
  2. A list of your selected IAC products is kept in the "My Wish List" box under the bench build illustration.
  3. You can change your mind! Experiment with different configurations until you get just what you want.
  4. When your workbench configuration is complete, click on the "Proceed" button under the "My Wish List" box.

What's Next?

After clicking the "Proceed" button on the configurator you will see a Summary page where you can alter quantities of any of the products selected. After providing your contact information and clicking the "Send" button, we will prepare your price quote and email it to you along with a drawing of your configured workbench that includes an RFQ number.

To Purchase

Simply call or email us with the supplied RFQ number (we will have a copy of your Configuration Drawing) and we will immediately know what you want to fulfill your order. Quick and easy

Have fun!