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LAN Station Workstation

ESD protection 5S Certified
Made in USA - Product Certified

Product Information

The LAN Station workstation accommodates all sizes and types of servers, monitors, power supplies, computer enclosures, and other LAN peripherals. From the smallest to the largest network, it will organize and protect your company’s investment in network equipment for years to come, while saving space and giving technicians easy access for quick changeouts, addons, and repairs.

  • Modular
  • Cable Management
  • Ideal for Servers, Monitors, Power Supplies and Networking Peripherals
  • Power Integrated in Uprights

IAC’s LAN Station Workstation is a completely adjustable system of modular components for creating an attractive, clutterfree environment for LAN computer equipment.

Begin with a basic “starter unit”– a sturdy worksurface with two uprights – and add shelves, monitor mounts, CPU shelves, cabinets, and other accessories to configure an integrated workspace. "Add-on" modular units enable endless configuration.


Standard Lengths: 48", 60", 72"
Standard Depths: 30", 36"
Standard Heights: 36", 48", 60", 72", 84"

Available Color Options

  • Primary Length:
  • Laminate/Fabric:

Main Components

Add-on Units

Starter Workstations


All-Drawers Suspended — Left or Right

Double Flipper Door Overhead Storage Cabinet

Left-Hand Suspended Cabinets

Lock Options

Pull-out writing shelf

Right-Hand Suspended Cabinets

Single Flipper Door Overhead Storage Cabinet

Sliding Door Overhead Storage Cabinet

Suspended Drawers & Cabinets (short)

Basic LAN Shelf

LAN Shelf with Electrical

Lower Pull-Out CPU Shelf

Radius Back Corner Shelving

Shelving Power Channel

Square Back Shelving

75 lbs. CRT Stationary Platform

Articulating Keyboard Holder

Cable Management Enclosure

CRT Swing Arm Platform

Flat Panel Display Arm

Horizontal Wire Management Channel

Slide-Out Universal CPU Holder

Stackable Keyboard Holders

Suspended CRT Platform

Electrical Channel

Extra PDS-II Duplex Receptacles & Bezel Trim

PDS-II Power-Up Cables

PDS-II Simplex Receptacles

PDS-II Station Interconnects

SES PowerCord/Interconnect Kit

Shelving Power Channel

Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures

LED Lighting Fixtures

Under Shelf Lighting

Industrial Footrest

Mini Industrial Footrest

Standard Footrest Tube

Corner Worksurface Assemblies

Individual End Panels

Individual Uprights

Peninsula Worksurface Assemblies

Rectangular Worksurface Assemblies

Grommeted Cutouts

Grounding Block

Personal Grounding Kit

Utility Duct Assemblies

Utility Trough Assemblies

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