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Comply with Disease Mitigation Requirements

IAC Covid-19 Mitigation Protective Screens and Curtains


IAC's solid and translucent physical barriers help protect workers who are in close proximity to each other as recommended by the CDC. Employers face the possibility of being held accountable for the health of their workers, specifically for workplace exposure to SARS-CoV-2. Adding protective barriers to workstations is an easy and inexpensive way for employers to demonstrate proactive mitigation efforts and help limit workplace exposures.

IAC Covid-19 Mitigation Protective Screens and Curtains
IAC Covid-19 Mitigation Protective Screens and Curtains


Preventing the spread of Covid-19 (and other viruses) among workers is helped by following the CDC recommendations on workplace safety:

  • Use high-efficiency air filters
  • Increase ventilation rates in the work environment
  • Increase the frequency of cleaning commonly touched surfaces
  • Install physical barriers, such as clear plastic sneeze guards

Physical barriers are thought to be especially effective in stopping the direct spread of droplets from sneezing, coughing, or even speaking to adjacent coworkers.

The CDC also encourages employers to "emphasize hand hygiene" and to "provide tissues, no-touch trash cans, hand soap, alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing at least 60 percent alcohol, disinfectants, and disposable towels for workers to clean their work surfaces."

CDC Guidlines on Business Response »

Stand Alone Panels

IAC Windowed Workspace Dividers for Covid-19 Mitigation

ESD Windowed Panel Dividers

These panels support droplet mitigation of virus transmission while maintaining a static Coated environment with ESD properties. A Panel has two sides that include flanges that flare out to create a base of support for the bottom foundation and vertical side. These panels do not include hardware. These panels MUST be adhered with industrial strength double sided tape, applied adhesive, screwed into place, or by purchasing IAC's Proprietary Stand Alone Bracket system specifically made for these panels.

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Brackets for Windowed Workspace Dividers

Stand Alone Brackets for Windowed Panel Dividers

These brackets are specifically designed to hold IAC's Operator Protective Equipment (OPE) Windowed Panels. They include vertical spines with ESD properties with mounting bases that the Windowed Panels are inserted into. These brackets support the panels with their wide base and are placed on top of any type of worksurface.

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Upright Mounted Panels

Mounted Dividers for Covid-19 Mitigation

Upright Mounted Plexi Dividers

This mitigation strategy is designed to provide an aesthetically pleasing application for your IAC workstations by attaching a framed Plexi panel to the workstation's built-in uprights or an installed Multi-Task System (MTS). This panel extends 12" beyond the front of your worksurface, providing ample coverage between operators. The panel's frame can be seen easily, providing a recognizable object to avoid foot traffic safety hazards. Also available with antistatic coating.

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OPE Curtains

ESD Safe Curtains for Covid-19 Mitigation

ESD Safe Curtains

Our ESD Safe curtains are perfect solutions to protect operators at their workstations. These curtains, which suspend from a single IAC curtain rod, act as a barrier between operators while maintaining ESD properties. Included is a set of two (2) curtains, each curtain is 23" wide (X) 30" Long - that when installed by overlapping one over the other, or side by side, provide you with a range of coverage between 23" to 48" on a single curtain rod. These curtains have five Die Cut Holes at the top for easy installation. When installing, overlap the curtains to your desired coverage area/depth - then place onto your IAC curtain rod. If you prefer, the curtains can be installed side by side without overlapping on a single curtain rod. These two methods will depend on your preference. IAC Support Rod sold separately.

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Support Rod for ESD Safe Curtains

Support Rod for ESD Curtains

These horizontal rods are designed to suspend IAC's ESD safe curtains from the built-in uprights of our Dimension 4 (D4) workstation or from the uprights of an installed Multi Task System (MTS). The rods are sized to achieve 12-inch curtain coverage beyond the front of the worksurface for additional operator protection.
Support Rod pictured with curtains; IAC Curtains sold separately.

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