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Recent News from IAC Industries

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Product News


Multi-Task System Adds Functionality and Improves Ergonomics of Basic Workbenches

IAC Industries introduces a new way to add storage and utility to workbenches with the company’s versatile Multi-Task System I and II (MTS-I and MTS-II ).


New Smart Mobile Station Carts Improve Task-Oriented Environments with Mobility

IAC Industries, best known for their Dimension 4 Series premium workstations and Workmaster™ industrial workbenches, now introduces Smart Mobile Stations (SMS).


New Economical Adjustable Height Workbenches from IAC Industries

IAC Industries is please to announce the introduction of new economical versions of the company’s height adjustable workbenches with the 930 Pro Series and 940 Pro Series workbenches.


IAC Introduces NEW Eclipse™ Series Laboratory Casework, Reagent Rack Shelving and Wall Cabinets

Long known in the laboratory world for their modular Dimension 4 workstations and other “bench” products, IAC Industries is now introducing Eclipse™, the company’s new series of steel casework, reagent racks and wall mounted cabinetry.


IAC Packaging Station Designed to Be Efficient Core of Manual Packaging Operation

Addressing efficiency, organization and critical ergonomics, IAC Industries has introduced a line of manual Packing Stations . The line consists of two primary types: Packing Stations that include a full workbench with all the packaging supply accessories, and the Packaging Accessory Station that enables the conversion of any table, bench or workspace to a fully capable packing and shipping workspace. IAC Industries’ new Packing Stations deliver a platform for a wide range of activities that help keep products moving out the door.


Powered Height-Adjusting Feature Added to IAC Workbenches

IAC Industries introduces powered worksurface-height adjustability to the company’s Pro Series line with the 960 Workstation, and the company’s flagship Dimension 4 Workstation . The focus on ergonomics provides a platform on which assembly processes take place in greater comfort and efficiency for the operator, which in turn generates greater productivity. Adjustable height workstations also allow greater versatility in the workplace as tasks change from processes that benefit from either as sitting a standing position.


New Power Distribution System Simplifies Workstation Electrical Management

The new Power Distribution System-II (PDS-II), available on IAC Industries’ Dimension 4 modular workstation line, provides extreme flexibility for power distribution and management within workstation lines and cells. The Dimension 4 PDS-II provides four (4) each 20 AMP circuits to a series of connected workstations. Each of the 4 circuits is tapped by simply inserting one of the PDS-II 15 AMP Duplex or 20 AMP Simplex outlet modules into the distribution blocks assembled into the Dimension 4 workstation uprights. Outlets are numbered for easy circuit identification—1 thru 4. The PDS-II enables users and production managers to handle a greater number of electrical demands, while making the management of load distribution extremely simple. Just a glance at the numbered receptacles indicates what devices are being powered from any of the circuits. Redistribution of electrical usage is accomplished by simply exchanging the numbered outlet modules.


Multi-Task System Adds Utility, Storage and Productivity to Existing Workbenches

IAC Industries introduces a new way to add storage and utility to workbenches with the company’s Multi-Task System I (MTS). The base MTS is a 3-upright frame that mounts to the rear of a bench worksurface or workbench frame (depending on model), onto which are attached any of the many storage, shelving, lighting and productivity accessories offered by IAC. An MTS enables users to retain more worksurface real estate for productive activities while providing abundant space above, yet within arms’ reach.


950 Series Workbench/Workstation Offers Superior Ergonomics for Operators

As part of IAC Industries’ Pro Series Adjustable Height product line, the 950 Workbench is designed from the ground up with to goal of having the best ergonomics in a standalone workbench/workstation. The focus on ergonomics provides a platform on which assembly processes take place in greater comfort and efficiency for the operator, which in turn generates greater productivity.


Kinatechnics System 1 Series Workbenches Combine Modularity and Utility

IAC Industries, best known for their premium Dimension 4 Modular Workstations, brings that modularity concept to a more economical workbench line named Kinetechnics System 1.


IAC Industries' "Quick Ship" Program for Industrial Workbenches and Workstations Announced

IAC Industries, manufacturer of precision workstations and workbenches, provides a solution for those in need of production furnishings that cannot wait for the typical 5 to 6 weeks delivery common from most manufacturers. The IAC Quick Ship program offers a broad selection of the company's most popular products and promises shipment within 5 business days.


LED Workstation Adjustable Lighting Fixtures

IAC Industries, manufacturers of precision workstations and workbenches worldwide, has introduced a new series of LED lighting fixtures for their Dimension 4 (D4) and LAN Station (LAN) Modular Workstations. The new LED fixtures deliver optimal illumination to the workstation environment to decrease worker eyestrain while increasing productivity.


IAC Introduces Workmaster™ Storage Cabinet Line with Versatile Capacity

BREA, CA: Workmaster™ Storage Cabinets are the latest addition to IAC Industries' broad line of technical, industrial and laboratory furniture. Providing up to 25.9 cubic feet of storage, these spacious cabinets stand at 56-inches tall, and are offered in either the 48-inch "Wide" series, or the 30-inch "Narrow" series. Together, Workmaster Storage Cabinets provide customers with a selection of nearly 100 unique combinations of drawer and cabinet door configurations.


Even MORE Storage for IAC Industries' Workmaster™ Storage Cabinet Workbenches

IAC Industries adds 7 new pedestal configurations to its line of Workmaster Storage Cabinets (WSC). The new pedestals units offer wide, large capacity drawers in combination with split-door cabinet compartments.


IAC Announces Pre-Configured Workmaster™ E-Series Workbenches

IAC Industries has introduced a series of workbenches pre-configured in 19 different versions to simplify selection for customers. Each configuration offers a choice of pedestals with drawer and storage cabinet combinations and positions to best suit a wide variety of uses. The complete selection can be viewed at the E-Series Pedestal section of the online catalog at IACindustries.com.


Ergonomic Rolling Carts Feature Dimension 4 Design and New Finish Colors

IAC Industries announced today a new color line up for its Dimension 4 Rolling Carts family that keep raw materials, manufacturing supplies and finished products moving. Suitable for any environment with the need for mobile product or equipment, these rolling carts and storage carts also complement Dimension 4 Workstations with the material handling equipment needed to enable true production efficiency. New colors for worksurface laminates, powder coat paint and accent trim may be seen in the company's current catalog or online at www.IACindustries.com.


IAC Industries Adds BEVCO Ergonomic Seating To Online Catalog

The perfect complement to an ergonomic, industrial workbench or workstation, such as those from IAC Industries, is a comfortable, ergonomic chair. So, it's with great pleasure that IAC Industries announces that the company now carries a broad selection of rugged and dependable ergonomic workplace chairs and stools from BEVCO. All are available for review, configuration and pricing on the IACindustries.com web site.


Balance Electrical Loads "On The Fly" with IAC's Power Distribution System

Power requirements on industrial workbenches and workstations are often moving targets. As electrical equipment being used for different assembly and testing projects change, so do the power needs. IAC Industries provides a novel solution with their Power Distribution System (PDS).


IAC Workmaster™ Storage Cabinet Workbenches are Big on Drawer Capacity

IAC Industries answers the perpetual question, "Where do I put all this stuff?" with the new Workmaster™ Storage Cabinet Workbenches.


Computer Accessories for Workbenches Now Online at IACindustries.com

IAC Industries, a preeminent manufacturer of industrial and laboratory workbenches, has added a roundup of Computer & Peripheral Accessories to their extensive online catalog.


IAC's Multi-Task Systems Clear Clutter from Workbench Surfaces

Dealing with everyday tasks can result in a cluttered and unorganized work area. IAC has a solution for this issue with the Multi-Task System, or MTS for short.


IAC Introduces Two New Laminar-Flow Industrial for Particle-Free Work Areas

Laminar flow workstations provide dust and particle-free work areas for sensitive testing and assembly.


Workbench Worksurfaces Aren't Just Flat at IAC Industries

While the vast majority of industrial workbenches and workstations are fitted with flat worksurfaces, the ergonomics experts at IAC Industries know that there are often times when a different angle is called for.


IAC has teamed with Bevco Seating to offer top quality chairs.

IAC Industries is pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Bevco Seating to offer our customers top quality seating with great customer service.


Laboratory Equipment Magazine Features IAC Industries in Lab Furniture Article

The September 2005 issue of Laboratory Equipment published the article, "Modern Labs Go Modular", in which IAC Industries and Dimension 4 workstations play prominent parts. You can now read this article online here. In it you'll learn how a large Los Angeles area laboratory takes advantage the Dimension 4 modular capabilities to make their business more versatile and agile.


New IAC 5000 Series Workbench is Completely Sealed for Cleanroom Application

The 5000 Series workbench from IAC Industries features design elements that make it an ideal addition to the cleanroom environment.


New Packaging Station Brings Rugged Efficiency to Shipping and Packing Departments

IAC Industries has branched out beyond the manufacturing floor to expand its productivity-enhancing production furniture into shipping and packing departments as well.


Kinatechnics System 1 Series Workbenches Now Available from IAC Industries

IAC Industries announces the acquisition of manufacturing rights to the popular Kinatechnics System 1 line of workbenches and accessories.


Height Adjustment Kits Retrofit Workbenches for Increased Versatility

IAC announces the introduction of several convenient retrofit kits to bring either manual or motorized worksurface height adjustability to most basic 4-leg workbenches and to IAC's Dimension 4 Workstations.


Digital Professionals Get Organized with IAC's LAN Stations

LAN Stations from IAC offer a series of features that bring organization and convenience to those spending their workdays in the digital realm.

Company News


IAC Industries is excited to announce that we have moved to Goodyear, Arizona

IAC Industries is excited to announce that we have moved to Goodyear, Arizona


Industrial & Laboratory Furniture Maker IAC Industries Sets Up New Manufacturing Plant in Goodyear, AZ

IAC Industries is moving its entire manufacturing facility to Goodyear, AZ.


Vice President Biden Inspecting IAC Workbenches for the White House?

A recent Southern California visit by Vice President Biden finds him surrounded by IAC Workmaster Workbenches. Eyeing them for the White House maybe?


IAC Introduces Online Design Tool for Steel Laboratory Casework and Wall Cabinets

IAC makes it possible for anyone furnishing a lab to quickly specify casework and cabinets to fill their unique space. The Eclipse LAB Designer is a live, interactive online tool for easy lab space planning. It all happens within minutes; visit online, design your lab and receive a free no obligation quote of the specification submitted within 24 hours. It’s fast, very easy, and extremely useful for anyone tasked with furnishing a laboratory.


New IAC Industries Online Workbench Configurators Streamline Selection and Pricing

IAC Industries has launched a new series of Online Product Configurators for their popular Quick Ship line of workbenches and workstations. Quick Ship products are shipped within 5-days of ordering, making them a prime source for rapid deployment of industrial furnishings and productivity equipment. The new Online Configurators make the selection and ordering process extremely simple and easy, comfortable even for those selecting a workbench for the first time.


Reader's Choice Award Accepted for Dimension 4 Workstations

At the 2012 Pittcon Expo, IAC President, Don Murphy, accepted Laboratory Equipment's "Readers Choice" Award for the company's Dimension 4 Modular Workstations. Mr. Murphy is shown pictured with Liz Vickers, Publisher, and Tim Studt, Editor in Chief of Laboratory Equipment magazine.


D4 Lab Stations WIN Laboratory Equipment Magazine's "Readers Choice Award"

Laboratory Equipment Magazine has announced the winners of the 4th Annual "Reader's Choice" competition, and IAC Industries’ Dimension 4 Lab Stations has won the award for the Casework/Lab Furniture category.


IAC Industries Launches All-New Website for Industrial Workbenches and Workstations

IAC Industries, manufacturers of precision workstations and workbenches worldwide have launched an all-new website at IACindustries.com aimed at finding and choosing industrial furnishings exceptionally easy.


New Lab Furnishing Site Caters to Modern Laboratory Designers and Managers

During the past five years a radical change in laboratory design has been taking place. The use of static, built-in casework for worksurfaces and storage is being replaced with modular, often mobile, workstations.


IAC Launches New Product Demo on NewEquipmentDigest.com

IAC Industries has a great new presentation available for viewing at NewEquipmentDigest.com.


Gardener & Meredith Now Represent IAC in Southeast U.S.

For IAC customers in MS, AL, GA, TN, SC, NC and VA.


DACO Technologies Joins the IAC Team in Florida

IAC Industries has selected DACO Technologies as our Manufacturer's Representative Firm in Florida


IAC Industries introduces Workmaster Storage Cabinet benches at Promat 2005

Attendees at this years Promat show were introduced to the newest line of workbenches from IAC Industries, the Workmaster Storage Cabinet benches. The cabinets that make up this line of benches give the operator twice the storage space as standard cabinets.


IAC products are available on GSA Advantage!

Contact us today to get a list of IAC distributors that include our products on their GSA contracts.


IAC Industries and DiversiTech Representatives Team to Provide Workstation Solutions in Southern California

IAC Industries has selected DiversiTech Representative, of San Clemente, California, to represent the company in the Southern California territory.


IAC Industries and Focus Assembly Automation Team to Provide Workstation Solutions

IAC Industries selects Focus Assembly Automation, of Lafayette, New Jersey, to represent the company in the Metro New York and New Jersey territories.


IAC Releases Updated "Quick Ship" Catalog of Production and Packaging Furniture

This catalog features workstations, workbenches, packaging stations, utility upper structures for workbenches, and a wide array of productivity accessories all available for shipment within five days of ordering.

Case Study


IAC Dimension 4 Workstation at DisperSol Technologies

IAC's Dimension 4 Workstations the perfect solutions for DisperSol Technologies' need for a productive and efficient modern laboratory.


IAC helps cable manufacturer, Cicoil, become 5S compliant

The July 2012 issue of Assembly Magazine published the article, “Generating Motivation for Quality from a Manufacturing Floor Renovation”, in which IAC Industries and Workmaster Series Workbenches play prominent parts. You can now read this article online here.


Anatomy of a Modern Lab Install

Learn how modern laboratory managers are rethinking their furnishing strategies, and why.


Camtronics Employs Moveable Workstations for Easy Lab Configuration

The main production floor at Camtronics Medical Systems (Hartland, Wisc.) employs an inventive arrangement of Dimension 4 workstations with connecting radius-back corner worksurfaces to achieve a practical, yet always adaptable, solution for assembling and testing the company’s various product lines.


Diagnostic Product Corp Chooses Dimension 4

The September 2005 issue of Laboratory Equipment published the article, “Modern Labs Go Modular”, in which IAC Industries and Dimension 4 workstations play prominent parts.


CRISTEK Selects Dimension 4

Growing steadily since 1985, the company recently found itself in need of a newer and larger home. In the processes of setting up their new, advanced manufacturing facility in Anaheim, California, CRISTEK selected Dimension 4 workstations, from IAC Industries, to streamline their production process