Treston IAC LLC Facility Tour Videos

Facility Tour

Treston IAC workbenches are engineered and manufactured in Brea, California.

Run time: 16 minutes.


Treston IAC workbenches are engineered and manufactured in Brea, California. Our ability in custom engineering allows Treston IAC to provide specialty designs for customers with special application needs.

Run time: 17 seconds.

Metal Forming

This is where the workbenches literally take shape. Cut, bend, press and form. We do it all right here.

Run time: 2 minutes.


This is where we turn on the heat. Much of the superior strength found in Treston IAC industrial workbenches is a product of our quality welding.

Run time: 1.5 minutes.

Powder Coating

Durability is a hallmark of Treston IAC industrial workbenches. Treston IAC operates its own inhouse Powder Coat application and baking process. Powder coating is more chip and scratch resistant than normal paints, and is baked on like a ceramic to provide superior adhesion to the metal.

Run time: 3.2 minutes.


Deceptively simple, the worksurface is actually the product of a great number of manufacturing steps. Each step carefully accomplished to provide the greatest user experience and satisfaction.

Run time: 2 minutes.


This is where Treston IAC industrial workbenches and workstations begin to take shape.

Run time: 45 seconds.


Treston IAC takes care that customers receive all the hardware needed to assemble the final products. Here you'll see Treston IAC's special kitting team responsible for preparing these hardware packages.

Run time: 21 seconds.


One of the most important aspects Treston IAC quality is the care we take in packaging our products for shipping. We put as much effort and care into this process as we do in any other aspect of our manufacturing.

Run time: 3 minutes.


A quick review of the processes and products that make up our mission at Treston IAC LLC. Thanks for visiting!

Run time: 1.2 minutes.

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