Workbench Worksurfaces Aren't Just Flat at IAC Industries


BREA, CA—While the vast majority of industrial workbenches and workstations are fitted with flat worksurfaces, the ergonomics experts at IAC Industries know that there are often times when a different angle is called for. IAC offers this kind of flexibility as options available to most of their workbenches. It begins with worksurfaces made of impact resistant laminates, maple block and even stainless steel. From there it expands to specialty worksurfaces such as Sectional Tilt Tops, Indexing Rotary Surfaces, PCB Rails, and embedded Roller Conveyors or Ball Transfer Systems. Each enables users to easily adjust the worksurface position or the product itself for easy assembly and manipulation.

The Tilt Top (pictured) has 13 separate adjustments on a rear mounted ratchet latch system, hinged at the front with incremental tilt angles up to 70°, and has a 100 lbs. weight capacity. To adjust, the user manually pulls table up from the rear to lock at the desired angle—extend the Tilt Top to its maximum angle to release or reset. The Tilt Top is available in 15" and 24" depths, and three lengths, 12", 18", and 24".

IAC’s Rotary Surface is a circular section built flush into the worksurface to provide an easy way to rotate the position of an object. This improves line-of-site and physical reach. The Rotary Surface is available in three diameters, 12", 18", and 24". Weight load is 150 lbs.

For Printed Circuit Board assembly and rework, IAC offers a slide rail system that positions the circuit board at an adjustable angle for easy viewing and close work. Rails allow boards to slide to next station for continued work. Drop cloths capture any loose components.

The movement of heavier items is eased with either Roller Conveyor Systems that allow lateral movement via inlaid rollers, or with IAC’s Ball Transfer Systems. This latter type uses a system of rotating balls individually seated in metal flange cylinders inset into the worksurface. They allow 360° motion of objects on the worksurface, with pop-up brakes to instantly stop movement when necessary.

Add to these special worksurface options the ability to provide infinite height adjustment and it becomes obvious that IAC workstations are designed for user comfort, efficiency and ergonomics. All of this attention to details adds up to increased productivity—an angle on manufacturing that all can embrace.

Based in Brea, California, IAC Industries is a prominent manufacturer of technical furniture (production workbenches, workstations, and related products) for companies performing assembly, testing, repairs, inspection and related applications across a wide spectrum of industries. IAC products are 100% made in the USA by Union Labor, and are sold worldwide. IAC Industries currently offers the widest range of workstations, workbenches, seating, and workstation-related accessories available from a single manufacturer. Products meet many industry and military requirements for static control in electronics assembly and testing. For more information, contact IAC Industries at 714-990-8997 or benchsales@iacindustries.com.