Height Adjustment Kits Retrofit Workbenches for Increased Versatility


BREA, CA – Worksurface height adjustment addresses issues of ergonomics, multi-person use, and changing project requirements. IAC announces the introduction of several convenient retrofit kits to bring either manual or motorized worksurface height adjustability to most basic 4-leg workbenches and to IAC's Dimension 4 Workstations. The kits offer the ability to improve productivity and reduce physical injury by enabling workstation users to adjust their working surface to correspond with their physical requirements. Both the manually- and electrically-actuated kits utilize durable and dependable hydraulics to provide smooth, infinite adjustment within their overall range of movement.

For basic 4-leg workbenches, IAC's new kits provide 12-inch height adjustment travel and powerful 700 lbs. lifting capacity. Each kit includes a hydraulic lifting module for each leg and a height controller that is either manually or electrically actuated. These bolt-on systems are easy to install and adjust workbench height to each person or task. They install with common tools on 4-leg workbenches, platforms and desks. Each IAC Height Adjustment Retrofit Kit is supplied with everything needed for installation.

Kits for IAC's flagship workstations, the Dimension 4 series, feature 12-inch height adjustment travel and a 500 lb. lifting capacity. These hydraulically adjustable height kits are available to retrofit existing single- or double-sided Dimension 4 workstations with little alteration to existing parts. The kits may be selected with either manual handcrank actuation or push-button motorized actuation. Both kits provide smooth, infinite height adjustment throughout their range of travel. Kits are supplied with all components required.

Based in Brea, California, IAC Industries is a prominent manufacturer of technical furniture (production workbenches, workstations, and related products) for companies performing assembly, testing, repairs, inspection and related applications across a wide spectrum of industries. IAC products are 100% made in the USA by Union Labor, and are sold worldwide. IAC Industries currently offers the widest range of workstations, workbenches, seating, and workstation-related accessories available from a single manufacturer. Products meet all industry and military requirements for static control in electronics assembly and test.

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