IAC Introduces NEW Eclipse™ Series Laboratory Casework, Reagent Rack Shelving and Wall Cabinets


Long known in the laboratory world for their modular Dimension 4 workstations and other “bench” products, IAC Industries is now introducing Eclipse™, the company’s new series of steel casework, reagent racks and wall mounted cabinetry. "The Eclipse™ Series offers versatility, ease of future expansion and reconfiguration, storage, mobility, strength and stability for heavy instruments and assembly fixtures. The line is built with full accessibility to mechanical, plumbing and electrical components.

The core of the new series is the Eclipse Steel Casework. With 100 unique drawer and cabinet configurations in the counter-height models (35” tall), lab managers have extreme flexibility in the design and functionality that can be deployed. These include vented, sink base models. Another 36 configurations are available in the desk-height (29” tall) models. Countertops from IAC include Chemsurf®, Trespa®, hardwood Maple Butcher Block, Static Dissipative Laminate, Epoxy Resin, or Stainless Steel. Eclipse™ casework is manufactured using heavy gauge, cold rolled steel, with fully welded seams. Top to bottom, the design is reinforced to maintain rigid structural integrity and long term durability. Each cabinet is finished with electro-statically applied powder coat paint. The Eclipse line offers countertop solutions, service fixtures, fillers, faucets and sinks, and electrical/data connections, seating and many other necessary laboratory accessories.

Eclipse™ Reagent Racks provide the versatile storage that current laboratory environments require; with independently adjustable shelving and accessories. They feature extruded aluminum upright supports that allow infinite height adjustability for shelving and other accessories. Eclipse Reagent Racks accommodate the ergonomic needs of all lab workers. Reagent Racks and Shelving are powder coated from one of a broad selection of standard or custom colors to match, or complement casework. Shelving on RA Racks is manufactured from cold-rolled steel to depth and length dimensions depending on application and load capacity requirements. Standard upright height is 48˝; other customized heights are available upon request. IAC’s SES is an electrical option that supplies a single 15 amp electrical circuit in the Reagent Rack with duplex outlets pre-installed on the inside trim panels of the rack upright supports.

Eclipse™ Wall Mounted Cabinets enable lab designers to utilize wall space to increase storage capacity. They are made from heavy gauge steel, with finely applied powder coating paint. Door styles include open door face, hinged glass/steel doors or glass/steel panel sliders. Cabinet heights include: 24˝, 30˝ and 36˝, with widths of: 18˝, 24˝, 30˝, 36˝ or 42˝; depth of 13˝ and 15˝ are Standard. Custom sizes available upon request.

IAC Industries has been a key manufacturer of steel laboratory furniture since 1991. Entry into the laboratory market was inspired by IAC’s award winning Dimension 4 workstation, introduced in 1985. The Dimension 4 has evolved into the D4L lab station, dedicated to laboratory deployment. IAC products are 100% made in the USA by Union Labor, and are sold worldwide. IAC Industries currently offers the widest range of workstations, workbenches, seating, and workstation-related accessories available from a single manufacturer. For more information, contact IAC Industries at 714-990-8997 or benchsales@iacindustries.com.