New Power Distribution System Simplifies Workstation Electrical Management


The new Power Distribution System-II (PDS-II), available on IAC Industries’ Dimension 4 modular workstation line, provides extreme flexibility for power distribution and management within workstation lines and cells. The Dimension 4 PDS-II provides four (4) each 20 AMP circuits to a series of connected workstations. Each of the 4 circuits is tapped by simply inserting one of the PDS-II 15 AMP Duplex or 20 AMP Simplex outlet modules into the distribution blocks assembled into the Dimension 4 workstation uprights. Outlets are numbered for easy circuit identification—1 thru 4. The PDS-II enables users and production managers to handle a greater number of electrical demands, while making the management of load distribution extremely simple. Just a glance at the numbered receptacles indicates what devices are being powered from any of the circuits. Redistribution of electrical usage is accomplished by simply exchanging the numbered outlet modules.

Each PDS-II 15 AMP Duplex module provides two 15 AMP outlets. The 20 AMP Simplex module provides a single 20 AMP outlet. Outlet modules snap into any of the receptacles incorporated throughout the workstations, and are secured by two screws — quantity of available receptacles is dependent on the upright height of the Dimension 4 workstations deployed. When in place, the outlet modules are flush with the uprights to facilitate accessory clearance.

PDS-II is cost-effective. The only effort required by an electrician is to connect the 7-wire power up cable to the facility power source, thereby reducing installation costs. PDS-II components are UL tested for structure and safety, and are listed under Furniture UL 1286, File #E113928. Find more information at www.IACindustries.com

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