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Workmaster Modularity

There is no such thing as just a work bench at Treston IAC. We lavish the same top-quality materials and manufacturing techniques on these Workmaster work benches as we do on our top-of-the-line Dimension 4 workstations. Sometimes called work tables, stock bench, assembly bench or working benches, the E Series offers a broad selection of easy-to-assemble, industrial workbenches for assembly, lab and technical environments. Leg extenders make these work benches height adjustable from 30" to 36" in 2-inch increments.

A wide variety of optional drawers, cabinets, mechanical and electrical components, and color choices allow endless customization. With Treston IAC's Multi-Task System (MTS) installed you can also add adjustable shelving, fluorescent task lighting and a variety of "above the worksurface" productivity accessories.

Dimension 4 Versatility

Modular workstations configure easily into sophisticated manufacturing cells.

Pro Series Adjustability

Easily adjust height from sitting to standing position. Always work comfortably. Huge range of accessories to customize for any task. Available with manual hand-crank, or motorized with fingertip control.

Top Door Workmaster Storage Cabinets

Bottom Door Workmaster Storage Cabinets

All-Drawer Workmaster Storage Cabinets

Treston IAC Laboratory Tables with Specialty Worksurfaces

Treston IAC Laboratory Table with Support Frame

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