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How to Outfit a Dynamic Lab in Flux

Imagine yourself as a startup company. As part of your preliminary business plan you determine the need for a productive analytical laboratory in order to thrive as a leader among your business sector. You then discover during your projections that there will be a need to expand your real estate and working area within a year or two. After five years of developing the science behind their KinetiSol® technology and bringing their product to market, DisperSol Technologies found themselves in this exact situation.

Generating Motivation for Quality from a Manufacturing Floor Renovation

What is the motivation to invest in a manufacturing area refresh? Productivity and efficiency to be sure, yet intangibles can be witnessed as well. Here is a case where employee inspiration to build the best was just as important.

Anatomy of a Modern Lab Install

Laboratory design is now going through the most notable rethinking in the last half-century. What has changed, in addition to modern diagnostic equipment that is de rigor, is the notion of versatility. There is a recognition that laboratories need to change as both purpose and technologies change.

Camtronics Employs Moveable Workstations with Cable Management

The main production floor at Camtronics Medical Systems (Hartland, Wisc.) employs an inventive arrangement of Dimension 4 workstations with connecting radius-back corner worksurfaces to achieve a practical, yet always adaptable, solution for assembling and testing the company’s various product lines.

Cutler-Hammer in Puerto Rico

Cutler-Hammer, worldwide manufacturers of electronics, circuit breakers, and power supplies, came to Treston IAC LLC for workstations for the Assembly division of their Puerto Rico plant...

Harmon Industries Cuts Operating Costs

The objective was to decrease ergonomic risk factors, even though reduction of all forceful tasks was not possible. To accomplish this objective, Harmon selected Dimension 4 (D4) workstations with integrated hydraulic heightadjustment capability and pneumatically controlled ball transfer systems.

Treston IAC Helps Keep Rockwell Product Moving

Customized Dimension 4 enable conveyor systems to bring parts closer to Rockwell workers. Rockwell engineer Paul Krause commented, "Treston IAC was the only bench company that could come up with a finished product to meet our needs. Treston IAC provided a nice shallow solution from back of upright to bench and they solved our conveyor challenge."

iLASIK™ Maker Has a Clear Vision of Modern Manufacturing

The purpose of the following article is to provide a case study of the steps involved in furnishing a modern assembly lab, and to provide an enlightening roadmap for those faced with similar requirements.

Lab Design Critical to Modern R&D

Just north of San Francisco, CA, Lab-Rite Analytical is manufacturing an advanced, medical device for the treatment of a disease that afflicts millions around the world. With an all-new R&D/manufacturing lab in the works for this instrument, Facility Director, Charles Ingraham had the ability to design and furnish the new R&D lab/manufacturing facility to perfectly suit the company's needs.

Nokia Succeeds with Quick Ship

The Nokia engineers were interested in several benches from Treston IAC's built-to-order product lines, except for the required long lead times. With a little ingenuity, Taylor came up with the idea to sell Treston IAC's Standard D4 workstations with upgrades and accessories from Treston IAC's Quick Ship product line.

U.C. Davis Applies LAN Stations to Neuroscience. Smart!

The average brain is just 1400cc, yet houses 100 billion neurons. So it's not surprising that a laboratory delving into the complexities of the brain would need to pack a lot of ‘smarts’ into a similarly compact area. In organizing 4 new research labs at the University of California at Davis, Systems Administrator for Research, Jeremy Smith, was faced with this challenge. Find out how Jeremy met his requirements.

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