Certification and Capacity

Our sole mission is to improve the organization, function and atmosphere of our customers' production and assembly work areas, inspection stations, and research laboratories. We've approached our mission by providing our global economy with innovative products that improve workflow and overall production. Treston IAC products span across all markets, ranging from electronic manufacturing, education facilities to pharmaceutical production, just to mention a few.

Treston IAC products are unsurpassed in delivering improved efficiency anywhere workers are either seated, standing or mobile on the job.

Below is a brief introduction to our durable, ergonomically engineered, modular, adjustable, UL and ETL listed products.


Below are products that have been certified by recognized furniture standards, whether industrial or cleanroom/laboratory.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL)

  • Modular Workstation Dimension 4 (D4) Starter and Add-on Units with PDS-II: UL listed under Furniture UL 1286, File #E113928, Tested for Structure and Safety.
  • Modular Workstation Dimension 4 (D4) Lighting Fixtures: Listed under Portable Task Lighting, UL 153, and File #E162554.
  • Modular Workstation Dimension 4 (D4) Electrical Channels: Listed under Temporary Power Tap, UL 1363, and File #E173487
  • Modular Workstation Dimension 4 Power Distribution System Uprights (PDS-II): UL tested for structure and safety. They are listed under Furniture UL 1286, File #E113928
  • Dimension 4 (D4) Modular Workstation and Mobile Accessory Station Light Fixtures: UL listed under Portable Task Lighting UL 153, File #162554, and include an electronic ballast which operates cooler and more efficiently. This excludes LED light fixtures.
  • Dimension 4 Modular Workstation: UL Listed
  • EZE Reach Posts Overhead Task Lighting: UL Listed

ETL Listed Products

ETL is one of the fastest growing safety certifications in North America. ETL is provided by Intertek whom is a global leader in testing inspection and certification services. Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory for UL, CSA and CE standards.

  • Instrument Shelves – Electrical Service – Standard Electrical Systems for Instrument Shelves
    The Following are all ETL Approved:
    • SE1 – Under Shelf Electrical
    • SE3 – Combination Shelf Electrical
  • IAC’s Multi-Task System (MTS) Electrical Channels: ETL Approved

Load Capacities

The informative chart on this page provides load capacity values for all our major product lines.

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Electrical Options Overview

Each of IAC’s major product lines offers unique group of electrical power options—review and compare here.

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Treston IAC ESD Products

Electrostatic Discharge or ESD is the sudden flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects caused by contact, an electrical short, or dielectric breakdown.

Built-in safety devices for electrostatic discharge (ESD) control are available for Treston IAC industrial workbenches and carts on which static sensitive electronics components are assembled, tested, and transported.

Treston IAC ESD industrial workbenches include the following:

  • A rolled front edge (180°), featured on Treston IAC premium and industrial workbenches, protects against lifting, chipping and other damage to the ESD-safe laminate at a sharp-edged seam.
  • Static-dissipative laminates on worksurfaces and shelves – Treston IAC uses two (3M and Nevamar®).
  • Optional personnel grounding wrist straps and ground blocks.

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Treston IAC Ergonomic Engineering

Among industrial workbench manufacturers, Treston IAC LLC leads the way addressing the human factors interface for its product lines. The company employs a Certified Professional Ergonomist, who is available for task analysis, ergonomic evaluations at customer sites, and to help define industrial workbench solutions.

Treston IAC's modular workbenches and accessories are designed around the principals of ergonomics, i.e., how humans interface with their work environment. An ergonomically designed industrial workbench is one at which the needs of its user for comfort and task efficiency are integrated with the industrial workbenches purpose. The goal is to create task centers and facilities that contribute to high levels of work throughput, user satisfaction, safety, longevity, and ease of assembly and maintenance.

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Treston IAC Lighting Overview

Treston IAC LLC manufactures light fixtures for a wide variety of lighting conditions designed to fit most application requirements. Having the correct light at an industrial workbench is as important as the light itself. For this reason Treston IAC offers standard output two-tube fixtures, high output two-tube fixtures, and three-tube fixtures. Each fixture is available in three different diffuser types: standard prismatic, egg crate Direct Overhead Light–(DOL) and parabolic. Each is designed to condition the light to suit the environment and application. All light fixtures supplied by Treston IAC are UL Listed.

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Treston IAC Color Option – Paint/Laminate/Fabric Overview


Treston IAC workstations feature state-of-the-art, electrostatically applied, powder coat paint finishes. Applied in our factory, these finishes are oven-baked to enhance color consistency and durability. Compared to typical spray paint finishes, Treston IAC powder coat paint is far more resistant to chipping, flaking and peeling. ESD paint is available on request.

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Treston IAC uses only high pressure postforming grade laminates. All laminates comply with federal specifications governing impact, abrasion, and chemical resistance (FED-L-P-508H). Chemical resistant and laboratory grade laminates are available.

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ESD Laminate

Resistant measurements are used to establish the charge draining capacity of dissipative hard laminate. All Worksurfaces are tested for resistivity. Surface to ground testing R (ohms): 1X106 minimum 1X109. Surface to surface testing R (ohms): 1X106 minimum 1X109.

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Treston IAC uses only 100%^ nylon fabrics with stain resisting Scotchgard protection. This includes abrasion testing that exceeds 600,000 Double Rubs; Flammability: BIFMA F-1-1978 (REV.A80)

Also included are ESD Conductive Fabrics.

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