Power Distribution System-II (PDS-II)

Treston IAC's Power Distribution System-II provides extreme flexibility with power distribution and managment in workstation lines and cells. The PDS-II not only enables you to handle a greater number of electrical demands, it makes managing load distribution extremely simple. You can see at a glance what devices are being powered from any of the circuits.

The PDS-II provides a Dimension 4 or LAN Station line of workstations with 4 independent 20 AMP circuits, for load balancing. Any of these 4 circuits can be tapped by simply inserting one of the special duplex or simplex receptacles into any of the many receptacle areas supplied in the workstation uprights (see diagram below). Outlets are numbered for easy circuit identification—1 thru 4.

New 20-Amp Simplex Receptacle

Also new to PDS-II is an optional Simplex module, providing a full 20 Amp service. Plugs in just like the standard Duplex modules. Duplex receptacle modules provide two 15 AMP grounded outlets.


The unique PDS-II supplies four separate 20 amp electrical circuits within a workstation or workstation grouping for independently operated electrical equipment.


  • PDS-II and Dimension 4 or LAN Station workstations with PDS-II are UL tested for structure and safety. They are listed under Furniture UL 1286, File #E113928.
  • PDS-II is cost-effective. The only effort required by an electrician is to connect the power up cable to the power source, thereby reducing installation costs.
  • PDS-II accommodates both single — and double-sided stations.
  • PDS-II receptacles are located on the inside and outside of the uprights for accessibility.
  • PDS-II receptacles are flush with the uprights to facilitate accessory clearance.
  • Receptacles slide easily into place and are secured by two screws to accommodate changing electrical requirements.
  • Redistribution of electrical usage can be accomplished by simply exchanging numbered receptacles for access to a different numbered circuit.
  • PDS-II is easily expandable as workstation and facility requirements grow.

PDS-II Components

PDS-II contains the following components:


PDS HandPass-Through Blocks are the power distribution blocks located in the uprights to which the receptacles, power-ups and interconnects are connected. Pass-through blocks contain a universal connector pattern that acts as an electrical switchboard for all four circuits. The 48" upright has two pass-through blocks; the 60", 72" and 84" uprights each have three.

PDS-II Duplex Receptacles contain two standard 15 amp 3-prong outlets. There are four different receptacles. Each is designated with the number 1, 2, 3 or 4; each has a unique connector pattern that automatically provides the appropriate connection for the designated circuit. All duplex receptacles work in any pass-through block.

PDS UprightPDS-II Simplex Receptacles contain one standard 20 amp 3-prong outlet. There are four different receptacles. Each is designated with the number 1, 2, 3 or 4; each has a unique connector pattern that automatically provides the appropriate connection for the designated circuit. All simplex receptacles work in any pass-through block.

The PDS-II Power-Up Cable is hard wired to the facility power as required to supply four power circuits to a bench or group of benches. Treston IAC recommends having a qualified electrician make all electrical connections. After the power-up cable is connected to the power source, it is plugged into any available pass-through block. Normally, the pass-through block at the top of the upright is used for power-up cables dropped from the ceiling, and the pass-through block at the bottom of the upright is used for floor or wall power. Power-up cable is ordered separately, and is required for PDS-II use.

PDS-II Interconnect Cables are used to connect the circuitry in one upright to the circuitry in another upright within a workstation, running under the worksurface. Each standard PDS-II starter unit and add-on unit includes its own interconnect cable. Separate 48" interconnect cables must be ordered for corner configurations.

Bezel Trims are decorative cover plates, which are placed around the outside of the receptacles and are attached to the upright trim panel.

Planning Considerations

When planning in-line stations, amperage requirements must be calculated and proximity to power sources considered before determining what PDS-II components are needed.

Multiple in-line workstation applications will require an additional power-up cable if the demand on any individual circuit exceeds 20 amps. For additional information, please consult the factory.

PDS-II Pass-Through / Receptacle Location

PDS Receptical Locations

* PDS-II locations on D4 workstations supplied with adjustable height worksurfaces are slightly different. The middle pass-through blocks are positioned higher on the uprights to accommodate worksurface travel. These "adjustable height" positions are illustrated above.