Frequently Asked Questions

Ask Treston IAC LLC
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Q: What is the work surface height adjustment range on the Quick-Ship Stock Bench?

A: 30” to 36”, in 2” increments.

Q: Are the benches shipped assembled?

A: No. All products are shipped “knocked down” (KD). If you would like to have your benches ship assembled please consult the factory.

Q: Are individual drawers stackable?

A: Yes. 3”, 6” and 12” drawers can be bolted to each other, in any combination, using the provided hardware.

Q: What is the painting process used by IAC?

A: The process used to paint all of our metal parts is electrostatically applied powder coating.

Q: How much weight will a Dimension 4 bench support?

A: An evenly-distributed 750 lb static load.

Q: How much weight will a Stock Bench support?

A: An evenly-distributed 1000 lb static load.

Q: At what height above the work surface on a Dimension 4 bench can I mount my accessories?

A: Dimension 4 accessories are infinitely adjustable along the Dimension 4 upright.

Q: Does IAC have motorized and/or hand crank benches?

A: Yes. The IAC PRO Series and Dimension 4 benches can be purchased with a hand crank or motorized system for work surface height adjustment.

Q: Where do IAC products ship from?

A: Goodyear, Arizona

Q: Do all IAC worksurfaces come standard with a 180 degree rolled front edge?

A: Yes.

Q: How do I ground my ESD workbench?

A: All ESD bench worksurfaces have a factory installed ground stud in each of the rear corners. Connect the ground cord (included) from one of the ground studs to the earth ground being used at your facility.