Standard Electrical System (SES)

SES supplies a single 15 amp electrical circuit in the uprights of a single – or – double-sided workstation. SES is pre-wired at the factory to eliminate the time and cost of on-site hard wiring.

The advantage of SES is that the workstation is pre-wired with duplex receptacles in the uprights for ease of access.

SES Components

SES incorporates the following components:

D4 SES Upright

Receptacles: Both uprights of a Dimension 4 starter unit with SES have standard 15 amp electrical receptacles (outlets) on the inside trim panel. The SES system includes four receptacles (in two duplexes) on the inside metal trim panel for upright heights of 60", 72" and 84". Uprights measuring 48" have two receptacles (in one duplex) on each inside metal trim panel. The outside trim panel is laminate.

For add-on uprights of 60", 72" and 84", there are four duplexes (two on each side of the upright in the metal trim panels) providing a total of eight 15 amp receptacle outlets. When an add-on unit is installed, this is used as the middle upright. The uprights from the starter unit are moved to the outside positions of the in-line configuration. Note: Outside upright trim panels have no receptacles and are laminate, not metal. SES receptacles protrude slightly, which must be taken into consideration when planning accessory addition placement.

D4 SES Dimensions

* When ordering adjustable height options on SES workstations, the starting height of the worksurface cannot exceed 30" from the floor.

Connectors: The right upright of a starter unit has a pre-wired connector to accept the power cord and the interconnect cord. The left upright has a connector for the other end of the interconnect cord.

Interconnect cords: The interconnect cord is used to connect the circuit in one upright to the circuit in another upright within a single workstation, running under the worksurface. Interconnects are included with starter and add-on SES benches.

Power cords: The power cord is first plugged into the upright, then into the power source. No wiring is required. Power cords are included with starter and add-on SES benches.

Each SES starter and add-on bench includes its own 8-foot power cord. Individual SES benches cannot be interconnected.

Assembling SES Starter and Add-on Uprights:

Assembly is a 4-step process:

  1. Make sure that the circuit breaker/pilot light switch is OFF. Plug the interconnect cord into the pre-wired connector in both uprights.
  2. Plug the power cord into the pre-wired connector in the upright
  3. Plug the power cord into the power source.
  4. Turn the circuit breaker pilot light switch on.

Warning: All units should be disconnected from the power source before interconnecting or reconfiguring.