Ergonomic Engineering

Among industrial workbench manufacturers, Treston IAC LLC leads the way addressing the human factors interface for its product lines. The company employs a Certified Professional Ergonomist, who is available for task analysis, ergonomic evaluations at customer sites, and to help define industrial workbench solutions.

Ergonomics and Human Factors Engineering

Treston IAC’s modular workbenches and accessories are designed around the principals of ergonomics, i.e., how humans interface with their work environment. An ergonomically designed industrial workbench is one at which the needs of its user for comfort and task efficiency are integrated with the industrial workbenches purpose. The goal is to create task centers and facilities that contribute to high levels of work throughput, user satisfaction, safety, longevity, and ease of assembly and maintenance.

Components and accessories of Treston IAC Industrial Workbenches are designed to accommodate the 5th percentile female to the 95th percentile male. This is accomplished with adjustable worksurfaces, chairs, shelving, footrests, light fixtures, document holders, tool trolleys, parts cup rails and racks, CRT/keyboard platforms, swing arm-mounted tools and other adjustable accessories. Treston IAC LLC was one of the first industrial workbench manufacturers to introduce independently height adjustable worksurfaces.

There are several benefits to using industrial workbenches that meet ergonomic goals:

  • Reduced medical expenses and worker’s compensation costs resulting from musculoskeletal disorders and cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs) that are caused by repetitive motion injuries and awkward work postures.
  • Higher production rates, greater efficiencies, and quality improvement resulting from reduced physical stress and fatigue, and a boost to the worker’s mental well-being.
  • Compliance with related state and federal OSHA regulations and ADA (The Americans with Disabilities Act.)

Treston IAC’s goal is to help our customers plan industrial workbench configurations and facility layouts that meet their expectations for work throughput, user satisfaction, longevity, safety, and ease of assembly and maintenance.

Ergonomic Articles

Ease operator fatigue of standing or sitting operators. Treston IAC footrests offer quick height and angle adjustment with a touch of the toe, and non-skid surface to keep feet in place without effort.

Height adjustment addresses issues of ergonomics, multi-person use, and changing project requirements.

A wide variety of roller and ball transfer options are available for inclusion in custom worksurfaces. Built to order, they ease the movement of heavy objects.

Keeps everything in comfortable reach. They feature adjustable height and angle, with a choice of depth and length to fit your workbench.