Lighting Overview

Treston IAC LLC manufactures light fixtures for a wide variety of lighting conditions designed to fit most application requirements. Having the correct light at an industrial workbench is as important as the light itself. For this reason Treston IAC offers standard output two-tube fixtures, high output two-tube fixtures, and three-tube fixtures. Each fixture is available in three different diffuser types: standard prismatic, egg crate Direct Overhead Light–(DOL) and parabolic. Each is designed to condition the light to suit the environment and application. All light fixtures supplied by Treston IAC are UL Listed.

Dimension 4 Lighting

Treston IAC’s Dimension 4 premium workbench light fixtures are specifically designed to bring an optimal amount of illumination to the workstation. All Dimension 4 light fixtures feature energy saving electronic ballasts and front-mounted on/off switches. They are designed for energy saving T8 fluorescent tubes. The power cords are either 8 ft. or 2 ft. depending on whether the industrial workbench is equipped with SES or PDS upright electrical options. Dimension 4 light fixtures have rounded corners for safety and are angle adjustable for angle, vertical and horizontal positioning.

Standard Fixtures

The standard output fixture with the prismatic diffuser is most useful when in environments with good ambient light and when the application requires 100 to 110 foot candles of cool light. The DOL egg crate diffuser in this fixture will direct the light more vertically toward the worksurface than the prismatic diffuser. A parabolic diffuser will direct the light vertically even more toward the industrial workbench than the DOL diffuser. There is approximately 11% foot candle drop with the parabolic diffuser.

High Output Fixtures

The two-tube high output fixture increases the foot candle output approximately 20% depending on the diffuser selected. These high output light fixtures will make up for environments with low ambient light levels.

3-tube Fixtures

The three-tube fixture allows the operator to control all three tubes so that one, two or all three light tubes can be turned on or off. These light fixtures will produce up to 195 foot candles of light depending on the selected diffuser.

Multi Task System (MTS) Lighting


MTS LT style light fixtures are UL Listed and include an 8 ft. power cord with an on/off switch wired in. These light fixtures are available for the MTS vertical support system and are angle adjustable, adjustable up and down in 1 increments, and adjustable in and out on the horizontal support brackets. MTS light fixtures feature wrap around prismatic diffusers and produce approximately 100 foot candles of light depending on the environment’s ambient light.

MTS Deluxe

MTS Deluxe light fixtures are manufactured by Treston IAC and match Dimension 4 light fixtures for features and tube usage.

Suggested Light Tubes

Fixture Type Fixture Length Recommended Fluorescent Tube Type
Dimension 4 or MTS Deluxe 48" F25 RS T8 SP41 or F25 RS T8 SPX41
60" & 72" F32 RS T8 SP41 or F32 RS T8 SPX41
MTS LT All Lengths F32 RS T8 SP41 or F32 RS T8 SPX41

Ordering Tips from Treston IAC

If the bench you are selecting the light fixture for has SES or PDS be sure to select the fixture with the correct cord length.

Measure the ambient light where the new light fixture will be installed. This will help you select the fixture with the correct foot candle output rating. Be sure to select a light fixture that will tilt if glare at the workstation is an issue. This will allow the operator to tilt the fixture to direct the light away.