Preparing for Shipping

We want your delivery of Treston IAC products to be a smooth and pleasant experience. To avoid problems on the day your shipment arrives, please review the questions below. In some cases you may need to make special arrangements for receipt of product. If any of your answers indicate a need for special shipping instructions please alert Treston IAC when placing your order.

  • Is there a loading dock available? If not a truck with a lift gate will be required.
  • Are there elevators, doors, or other factors limiting the size or weight of pallets?
  • Is there a forklift or other necessary material-handling device for unloading your products upon reception? If not, you may need to rent one.
  • Will there be limitations (business hours, days of operation, etc) for scheduling deliveries?
  • Large product deliveries generate a considerable amount of packaging material. Is there a convenient area and means of disposal?

Note: Treston IAC's standard practice is to "bulk pack" the entire order, but on request, we can make special arrangements to pack product by receiving location in the case of a large order.